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Current WRP Energy Projects

WRP Energy Services, LLC is currently taking leases in various parts of Ohio. We are working with our partners, geologists and petroleum engineers to develop attractive prospects in our state and elsewhere.

WRP Energy Services, LLC has recently undertaken a leasing project with Avalanche Energy LLC in Central Ohio.

Principals of WRP Energy are presently involved in a 30,000 acre heavy oil play in Western Kentucky. It has recently announced a partnership with Layton Energy of Houston, Texas. A drilling program is currently in process.

WRP Energy Services, LLC has partnered with other Ohio oil and gas producers to lease and develop over 20,000 acres in Ashland County, Ohio. It is currently weighing its options as to both drilling technology and forming new partnerships to best develop this resource.

WRP Energy is committed to its landowners. An exploration and production company cannot be successful in the long term without treating its landowners fairly. We are proud to report that we have not received an EPA violation in 20+ years of wells operations.

For examples of what finished wells look like please visit our Media Page.

Landowner Resources

Visit ODNR's Division of Mineral Resources Management to learn more about Ohio oil and gas drilling.

Visit www.energyindepth.org to learn more about hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.